The Ramser family has been in the roofing business in this country since emigrating from the area of Alsace-Lorraine in the mid 1800’s. In the beginning, they worked as much as tinners as they did roofers, installing metal flue pipes and chimneys. Small jobs were the rule and in order to make ends meet, the family ran a hardware and roofing supply business in addition to furnace work and roofing.

Slate, clay, and concrete tiles, tin and copper roofing, were the order of the day in residential roofing. Fires were built under tubs used as kettles for heating roofing bitumen for flat roofs. Ornate galvanized and zinc cornices were an art form in themselves. Materials were the expensive component of the job. A craftsman may have worked all day for $8.00.

Obviously, many things have changed since those early days, but Highland Roofing still does many things the old fashioned way. In many cases, we are one of maybe two or three companies in the area still capable of properly performing some kinds of slate, tile, cornice, or sheet metal work. And though our craftsmen will no longer work for $8.00 a day, they still represent the best that their industry has to offer in their workmanship and attention to detail.

Because of our history, we are not always the first one on the bandwagon to experiment with all of the newest roofing materials and techniques. We offer our customers a tried and true, common sense approach to roofing. When new materials or techniques become tried and true, then and only then, it is common sense to offer them to our customers.

Highland Roofing Company is still owned and operated by the Ramser family. Today, Highland is approximately 90 members strong, offering over 800 years of roofing experience combined. With annual sales of over six million dollars, we are large enough to handle almost any project, yet we are still reminded of the days when jobs as small as furnace pipe put food on the table.

Highland Roofing has been successful through four generations. Our use of the best roofing practices, the best employees, and the best materials should carry us through another four generations. But what will guarantee our continued success is our overall attitude toward service. You will see it in the extra care we take in specifying a roof and in jobs that are performed neatly and orderly with minimum disturbance to your operation. Because of our desire to be the best we’ve reworked and improved jobs without complaints or prompting from customers simply because we ourselves were not quite satisfied with the job. And it’s why we honestly believe we should be your top choice for your roofing needs.