About Highland Roofing

Highland Roofing Company has served the Louisville, KY area since 1890. Through five generations of family ownership we have been a trusted and reliable roofing company producing quality work and unparalleled service.

We succeed because we are in tune with what you, the customers, want.

Company History

The Ramser family has been in the roofing business in this country since emigrating from the area of Alsace-Lorraine in the mid 1800′s. In the beginning, they worked as much as tinners as they did roofers, installing metal flue pipes and chimneys. Small jobs were the rule and in order to make ends meet, the family ran a hardware and roofing supply business in addition to furnace work and roofing.

4007 Produce Rd
Louisville, KY 40218

Phone: 502-968-2009

Fax: 502-968-3090

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 7:30AM – 4:30PM