Give your roof some TLC

Preventative maintenance will help your roof last longer and save you money.

Here are some tips:

Storm aftermath

  • Especially inspect your roof after a storm or excessive wind storms
  • Use a blower to remove leaf or debris build-up ?


  •  Keep all gutters free of debris to avoid build-up
  • Make sure all downspouts are draining properly
  • Check for loose gutters and re-attach
  • Prime and paint any rust spots
  • Consider investing in gutter covers


  • Poorly attached flashing can lead to blow-offs and leaks
  • Remove all caulking and sealants that are weather damaged and repair or replace?

Tree maintenance

  • Trim back overhanging branches
  • Fallen trees should be removed from your roof
  • Consider removing dead trees before they damage your home


  • Remove debris build up, especially algae
  • Keep an eye out for loose, raised or worn shingles
  • Check the mortar around chimneys and repair if necessary
  • If there is one loose shingle there are likely more

The following information was provided by Menards.