Architectural Copper Roofing

For thousands of years architects have turned to copper as their material of choice to make their projects stand out from the crowd. Its distinct look and versatility combined to make it a roofing material associated with classical works of architecture. Times and methods have changed, but copper roofing has remained a reliable and aesthetically beautiful roofing technique that now carries with it economic benefits.

The architectural use of copper roofing dates back thousands of years, even to medieval Europe. More recently, we associate it with historical buildings because of the distinct look and longevity of the copper. Locally, we see examples of this at My Old Kentucky Home and Bunker Hill.

Bunker Hill
It wasn’t until the 1880s when new extraction methods came about that copper was made more available to the public. Now we see copper roofing not only in larger architectural projects like government and university buildings, but also as a popular high-end roofing material in residential areas.

This residential arena is where Highland Roofing generally operates. We have been perfecting our method of copper roofing for over 100 years in Louisville, Kentucky. Our old fashioned approach is exactly the way to handle such a classic material. Our craftsman are the absolute best in the industry and our methods only serve to complement the best qualities of a copper roof. All of our copper projects are still in existence today and can be seen all around the Louisville area.

Copper is a high-end product, and the cost of installation reflects this. However, over the lifespan of a home or public building a copper roof is a valuable investment. Copper roofing lasts roughly 100 years and requires little to no maintenance. Compare this to a typical shingle roof which must be replaced every 15 years or other metal roofing which can last up to 35 years and the value of a copper roof starts to show. Not to mention that copper does not require expensive periodic painting and priming like other materials due to its natural beauty.

As with any long term investment, your copper roofing project must be handled in the right way for it to be valuable in the end. Copper as a material is so durable that the only place to go wrong is in the installation. For the best possible appearance and durability you want your project to be in the best hands. Which is exactly where we come in.

At Highland, we approach such a classical roofing material with a classic method that we have perfected over 100 years of crafting copper roofing and guttering. We employ double locked hips and ridges that ensure no weak spots and stand up to the most severe weather conditions. Our concealed copper cleats provide a far more sleek look compared to the approach used by many of the competitors. Highland is one of the only companies to utilize this method in the Louisville area and we have been doing it far longer than the competitors.

Architectural copper roofing is not the right fit for every project, but in the right situation it is an incredibly valuable long-term investment to give a boost to your property. The longevity and appearance of copper is unmatched in the roofing industry. Combine this with the craftsmanship and experience of Highland Roofing and your copper roof will serve as an accent to make your property stand out from the crowd. We have served our customers in the Louisville area since 1890 and are always excited to build new relationships as we build a product you can be proud of. If the economic and aesthetic benefits of a copper roofing project appeal to you, contact us and we will get started right away.

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Louisville Memorial Coliseum
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